Note on Relationship

When you know who you are in God, you won’t have to try PROVING yourself in the world.
Are we too busy looking for healing in a man or woman rather than God?
Let the God in you be bigger than the man/woman in YOU
Your integrity says a lot about your character.
You should never allow the fear of rejection to lead you into making poor choices.
There’s nothing wrong with being under construction when God is working on you.

Ladies, notice that the man gave chase. You may be the BEST thing for him, but he may be UNSURE if you’re the right thing for him. Let him be the one to R.S.V.P. in your future. The Bible reminds us that when a man findeth a wife. He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 18:22 NIV

You were born with a PURPOSE, designed with a PROMISE and BLESSED by the best.

Before you meet the next man or a woman make sure that they are already in the presence of God, so you aren’t trying to convince them that there is a God.

Plan for the long-term not just the short-term. Relationships require sacrifice. Learn who you are in God before you try to realize who they aren’t. God will give you a spirit of discernment. Study His Word, pray, fast and supplicate before God about every potential relationship you want to bring to God. Note: Courtship is different than dating. The focus of courtship is to get married.

Why should God get INVOLVED, if you won’t COMMIT? God so LOVED the world that he GAVE His ONLY son (Jesus) to die for you and me. (John 3:16) To love someone takes commitment and commitment requires a sacrifice. Jesus made the ultimate SACRIFICE by COMMITTING to die on the cross at Calvary. Have we become too VAIN as a culture that it’s all about us? Do we not see that the union of marriage is the reflection of Christ’s commitment and union to the church?


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