Success 101

Making Your Life Successful In God’s Eyes

Not many people are intentionally trying to fail in life; but obviously many will finish their lives with “the hand writing on the wall” taken from the book of Daniel: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.” Tekel means, “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

Why will this happen?

The first reason is that people want to be a success in their own eyes, and so they define success differently from God. Thus, even if they are fortunate enough to “succeed,” they discover too late that they were aiming for the wrong target.

We live in a culture which is very success-minded; but it is this very culture which is so wrong-headed that it measures success only in terms of one’s career, education, financial status, skill, achievement, invention, cleverness, body fat, possessions, etc. And we breathe the cultural air that honors and rewards those who chase one of these carrots!

Suppose we could know ahead of time how God will evaluate us when it is our turn to stand before Him? We can, and it’s a take-home exam!
I call these The Seven Markers of Success: (1) Your soul, which means your intimacy with God, (2) Your oneness with your mate, (3) Your joint venture of preparing your children to live a successful life, (4) Your restoring and maintaining your relationships, (5) Your stewardship of all your physical resources, (6) Your use of your gifts and abilities to advance the Kingdom, and
(7) Your loving others into the Gospel of Christ!

The second reason people fail to succeed is their lack of God’s grace. No person can achieve success in these seven areas apart from the continual gift of Christ’s righteousness! It must be all of grace or it will be a failure in God’s eyes!

Therefore, having the right target will not be enough. In fact, every attempt to live up to God’s standards without trusting Christ alone is guaranteed to disappoint and frustrate you.

The third reason people fail to succeed is their lack of godly leadership. God extends special graces to His people by providing “coaches” to demonstrate and teach how to succeed in these seven areas.



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