How to Become Best Friends with Your Crush

From: wiki how

The best way to get a romantic relationship with your crush, is to become their friend first. It can be hard talking in front of the person you like, especially if you’re shy or nervous, but luckily this little guide is here to help you. Or maybe you’re reading this article because you’ve learned that you can’t have your crush for whatever reason, and you’re going to try to follow path B, that is, to try to become friends with him/her.

1. Don’t be shy! Just run up to him/her and say hi, then ask them if they want to sit with you at lunch, or something similar. Don’t flirt with him/her, though. He/she may already be in a relationship; you never know. You’re aiming to get to know them as a friend, not a girl/boy friend. If you can’t come up with the courage to just walk up to him then pretend you are doing something for class and you need to talk to him/her about the homework or lesson. You could try telling them you have to complete a class survey, which can be a really good way to find some information about the person, though it can be kind of risky (if they find out there is really no assignment).

2. Talk about a subject he/she likes, preferably not about school. While this may work in emergency situations (long awkward silences), it doesn’t give the impression that you want to know him/her as a person. Ask questions! Get to know them! Find out if you really do like him/her after all, or if the crush is only skin-deep.

3. Over time, gain his/her trust by trusting them in return. Tell him/her some of your secrets, invite him/her to places (as friends), and just do things you normally do with your friends.

4. Be yourself. You don’t need to fake anything! You’re just trying to get him/her as a friend.

5. Take an interest in his/her life. Buy him/her cute gifts, see his/her games (if he’s/she’s in sports), and just visit him/her occasionally.

6. Don’t talk about personal stuff, such as ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.It might make him/her feel uncomfortable.

7. Don’t dive in too fast or your crush will know you like him/her. And don’t gush about feelings or problems, they’ll start to think you are over-excited.






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