If I had a second chance..

from Imelda K.

If I had a second chance.. I’d stop looking & start seeing, & treat everyone as a human being.

If I had a second chance, I’d stop taking & start giving, stop hiding & start living. I’d do more listening & a lot less talking, enjoy the world & do more walking.

I’d take my eyes off the watch & watch with my eyes, to notice the trees & the beautiful sky.

I’d stop criticizing & show more love, be less forgetful & give thanks up above
I’d b less angry & swallow my pride, & share with the world what I have inside
I’d stop hating & be more kind, & give a little more of my precious time.

I’d give more encouragement & a lot more praise, & do a lot less judging for I too have lost my way.

I’d get my priorities in order & straight, better now than never Lord, i’m just a bit too late, i’d stop hopelessly chasing after the wind from this point on a new I begin.

It’s not the destination that counts in life, it’s the journey. The journey with the people we love is all that really matters.





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